Clinic based services


I offer clinic based occupational therapy services from my rooms at 137 Balgownie Road, Balgownie. You can find the rooms in the arcade behind the patisserie!

Why clinic based?


Initial assessments are typically provided in the clinic space, allowing us to get to know your child within a fun, safe environment.

Following this, we will work together to decide on the best setting for therapy sessions, depending on your goals for your child. The clinic is especially useful when the priority is to develop your child's skills in a particular area, or to trial an environmental support such as the use of visual supports, whereas mobile sessions are great when our key priorities rely on changes to the environment where daily activities usually take place...


Typically, a combination of these approaches is used to ensure best practice and support your child and your family in reaching your goals.


Group sessions are also held on site at the clinic, providing a distraction free and structured environment for these sessions.