Services Provided


Belinda will conduct a thorough assessment of your child's abilities and needs relating to their participation in everyday activities. As a starting point, this will be conducted at the Thriving Kids clinic, but further assessment can also be conducted at your child's home and/or preschool, child care or school as required. Belinda uses a combination of standardised and non-standardised assessments, observation and discussion with you and your child's teachers, to complete the assessment.

Goal Setting

Belinda works with you to set achievable intervention goals that are focused on supporting your child to participate more fully in their daily lives, with a focus on activities that are important to you and to them.



Intervention Sessions

Depending on your intervention goals, intervention sessions may be conducted at the Thriving Kids clinic, and/ or at home, preschool, school or other community recreation activity settings. Belinda is committed to a collaborative approach, working alongside parents and teachers to support your child's participation so that they may reach their full potential and thrive.

Belinda uses a holistic approach to intervention, drawing on a number of therapy tools, to support your child in their everyday environments. She believes strongly in the importance of,not only developing your child's skills, but also making the environment more supportive for them and helping others to better support their participation through increase knowledge and skills.